Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Daktari: Christmas Edition

Today, sometime, when the freezing rain lets up, I'm headed to my sister's house. Stage 1 of the holidays. Well, as soon as I figure out how to keep my water pipes from freezing while I'm gone, change the fish water, vacuum, do a load of laundry, pack, get Jake ready, get an oil change, and get in the car and go. In any event, my sister doesn't like me to live on the internet at her house, and she doesn't have wireless, so all my internet activities occur on her computer and in public, so I will be incommunicado for the holidays. Which brings me to the point of this post.

Merry Christmas. Happy Kwanza. Happy Holidays. Peaceful Season. May you all find a moment of comfort and peace, enjoy happy times with friends and family, and get at least one kick-ass present.

To D-fav J, I wish acceptance of your dissertation in situ.

To D-fav Liv, I wish play time in the snow with Jake-fav Jack. I know you will enjoy your time with Utah friends and family. Oh, and bring me back some Polygamy Porter. (hint, hint)

To D-friend D-ennis, I wish play time in the snow with D-fav Liv, Jake-fav Jack, and sweet, sweet Maggie. Preferrably in some place that can only be gotten two by 4-wheel drive. And when you are up there, tell me if you don't notice that Liv jumps out of the car, springs up the side of a sheer cliff and stands arms akimbo in victory. She has a habit of that. I have pictures. I swear!

To D-friend blue moon, I wish for photographic adventures in the new year, with plenty of burrowing owl. Oh, and I know you'll be a kick-ass grandma.

To D-friends Mama Bee, J, and Doodle. I only wish that you maintain the happiness you have found in your family. Oh, and I think it's time Doodle learned to swim. I'm just saying. Kayaking season is approaching.

To Joe, Linds, and Ari, more great adventures, a larger child carrier, and exceedingly few crap weeks.

To D-and-Jake-fav Jack, I wish warm puppy piles with Jessie, K-so, Maggie, Jessie, new dog, et al.

D-dog Jake is going to visit with his cousin Chance in Kentucky. We probably won't see snow, but he'll have a high time anyway.

D has a few secret wishes for herself this holiday season. If I get all or some or none of them, I'll still be happy. Happy for all the friends I have in you. Thanks for all the good times. Let's kick it up a notch in '09.

Merry Christmas, y'all. I'll see you back here soon.


  1. To O-fav, D-fav, J-fav, and M-fav. We wish you a $30,000 grant proposal, a warm sleeping bag, and nights on the continental divide watching stars while collecting scent from newly discovered species of Abronia, with Jake (not new scents from him, though), and D-fav Shawn T--or someone similar.

  2. And for you my personal guarantee that the new year will bring you a healthy dose of blog worthy political idiosyncrasies.