Friday, January 2, 2009

Recycled Clothing

I save change. Pocket change. And once a year, I spread it out and count it and buy stuff with it that I normally wouldn't get. The haul is usually pretty significant. Somwhere between $70 and $100 on average.

So week before last, I counted my change. $114 or so. I am a fan of eBay. I've gotten some kick-ass deals on eBay. Like a bathroom faucet. It was, oh, about $70 less than they had it at Lowes. Anyhoo, I took my $114 and went shopping on eBay.

So today my purchase arrived. A slightly used, North Face Nuptse 700 down-fill jacket. From the looks of the tags inside, this jacket was a bit more than just slightly used. Nonetheless, I got it for $112.50. Yes that is the going rate for used NF down jackets these days.

But, it was supposed to be without damage. And damaged it was. It was missing a piece of velcro at the wrist (to adjust the cuff width) and one half of a snap that I assume is used to attach gloves to the coat while skiing or something. So I informed my trusty vendor, who rather than take a return on the coat offered to knock $50 off. There is a whole lot of imperfect I can tolerate for a $50 savings.

So check out my $62.50 North Face jacket. Again, we are at a slight disadvantage photo-wise with the problematic self portrait. But ain't it fab? I'm all puffy and stuff. Puff N' Stuff. Hmmmm.

I have the needle and thread and velcro out tonight. I love recycled clothing. If I'm this jazzed about my used coat, just think of the shopping orgasms I'm going to have when Ethel arrives.

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  1. Hooray for used stuff! Snazzy new jacket, too. Enjoy!