Friday, May 29, 2009

Racism--It's not just for black people anymore

It's multiple choice.

"Fat, Nigger-Loving Whore"

1. What the asshole screamed at me at the stop sign in my town today.
2. What the racist asshole screamed at me at the stop sign in my town today.
3. What the low-life, mother-fucking, scum-sucking, bottom dweller screamed at me at the stop sign in my town today with the same mouth he kisses his babies with.
4. Proof that we are in post-racial America.
5. Irrefutable evidence that I need to graduate and GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS BACKWATER HELL HOLE.

I am still trying to figure out if it was the Eracism sticker or the Obama-Biden sticker that made him sling epithets at me out his car window. Damn fool.

So if you are driving through my town and see a bucktooth hillbilly driving a gold Saturn, you might want to roll up your windows, just in case.


  1. Cheeses wipes.

    Yeah, the post-racial America thing was always an annoying meme to me. This is why symbolism does so little for me -- it's symbolism -- I care much more about ground truth. (I know symbolism can do much to change ground truth and attitudes and all that, it's just my thing -- like inspirational speeches; I want to be doing, not listening, and I want to change the reality, not the symbols -- but they are all wound up in each other.)

    Anyway. You know what? I think he was just jealous of your relationship with your hot, smart Internet Boyfriend.

    Hope you saw a movie and had some fun with Liv last night. You deserve it. (and you DO need to graduate and get out of there, not least so you can go be the fanTASTIC teacher and mentor I know you will be -- seriously, I can't wait to meet some of your students, because I know you will be fantastic at it, and I am positive that after a couple of years as a Prof, you will have an admiring coupla' smart grad students, because, seriously, how could you not? =)

  2. BTW: Did you have Ill Doctrine on your blogroll before, or have you added it since I posted something about it? I can't remember -- but either way it's pretty awesome, innit?

  3. I've been reading this guy for more than a year now. We follow each other on twitter. So, sorry J. You didn't turn me on to Jay Smooth.