Friday, May 22, 2009


Patagonia Women's Capilene Hipster Briefs


Superbly styled for warm weather running and fashionable summer casual wear, Patagonia's Capilene® Hipster has a stylish low rise and features a new blend of new soft and stretchy Capilene® fabric. Mini rib fabric throughout the crotch gives you better breathable comfort than traditional base layers.
  • New soft 4.6-oz. fabric consisting of 96% nylon/4% Spandex and treated with Capilene® technology
  • Highly breathable mini-rib fabric through crotch
  • Form-hugging construction
  • Low rise fits well with yoga and hipster-style pants
Honestly, I'm not sure which I find more disturbing. A $20 pair of panties or the fact that there are FIFTY-EIGHT reviews of this product and that it has a 5-star rating on Altrec.


  1. a) They do look comfortable
    b) anything that contains "hipster" in the title is bound to have a simply silly price.

  2. If they last for 10 years, that's 2 dollars a year... not too bad a price for decent undies!

  3. TEN YEARS? Your undies last 10 years? Seriously? I guess I am simply too demanding on my underthings.

  4. In my defense, I bought mine on sale for only ~$14. So now that I've outed myself as an owner of these undies, here's my review:
    They are awesome. They are comfortable, fit really well, and are well constructed. I sure hope they last a long time. They're really great.

    I guess I won't mention that I also own one less practical and more sporadically-worn Patagonia Capilene thong too. *hides*